Our Story


URBAN28 is made up of a tight-knit group of friends, Sammie, Maja, Han and Yimi, from the Netherlands based in Hong Kong. Throughout the years, we enjoyed exploring different cultures and fashion styles in Asia, especially in Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing and Hong Kong. We always wonder where else can we buy these awesome brands, thus we created URBAN28 with a mission to support independent brands.  Aside from brands, we also support and collaborate with independent creatives to exhibit and sell their artworks.

We are a small ambitious passionate private company, creating each opportunity step by step, improving and becoming better along the way.


URBAN28 Pop Up



In Spring, we had an opportunity to have our first pop-up at PMQ in Hong Kong. Our first modest event lasted for one month. We curated our first four brands, Kolca (South Korea), Otacciman des Plimes (Japan), Omoto (Japan) and ViciousVenom (Hong Kong). Maja flew in from Dubai especially to set up the first Pop-Up. We wanted to keep it simple and environmental, so for the interior we decorated it with plywood. A wall of three big plywoods reserved for Kolca sneakers, I will have to say it, it was an overwhelming sight. A perfect visual to lure our first customers :-). 


Kolca at URBAN28 Pop Up


2019 / 2020

After our first successful Pop Up, we're back at PMQ and was hoping for a 5 months Pop Up, but unfortunately pandemic started and we had to cut short to 2 months. 




Despite the ongoing pandemic, we held our 3rd Pop-Up, but this time at K11 Art Mall. This was also the first time we collaborated with independent artists, to showcase and promote their artworks. We also slowly expanded with more brands. 


URBAN28 Pop Up at K11 Art Mall



We're back at K11 Art Mall, and this time with a much bigger space than the previous Pop Ups and much longer, yep for 7 months. We are expanding slowly with even more Japanese, European and more local brands. We're very grateful for each opportunity and the continuing collaboration with each party and the amazing support from the customers. Only with all your support and kindness, we're able to continue this amazing journey. 


URBAN28 Pop Up at K11 Art Mall


Stay tune for our amazing journey!

Thank you for all the support and love! 

URBAN28 Team