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J circle T-shirt (Hinomaru T-shirt) 

This design is my own "Maybe people's ideas do not intersect in parallel lines after all?".

It is a hand-drawn circle that does not intersect with each other. . . I really wanted to draw finer lines, but it was technically difficult to draw because of the size of the handmade silk screen and t-shirt. . . But now I'm happy with my gathering like this. . .

"Thinking that does not intersect" can be compared to various things, but I compared it to the Japanese flag because of my own country. . . If you look at it from a distance, it's a red circle, but if you look closely, it's a line that doesn't intersect due to distortion ....

I expressed that feeling. . . Looking at this design, it seems that people imagine the annual rings of trees by fingerprints and people. . . I think that's fine. . I think that the feeling of a picture is different depending on the person who sees it. People have different ways of thinking ...

日の丸tシャツ(J circle T-shirt) 

このデザインは自分の「人の考え方は結局のところ平行線で交わることは無いのかも知れない?」  と言う思いを交わることのない円を手描きで描き出したものです。 


でも、今はこの感じの俺の集まりで満足しています。  「交わる事のない考えかた」は色んなものに例えることははできますが自分の国なんで日本の国旗に例えてみました。 

遠くで見ると赤い丸だけど近くでよくみてみるといびつで交わらない線…  そんな感じを表しました。 


 自分はそれでいいと思います。 絵なんて見た人によって感じることが違うものだと思います。人の考え方は千差万別だから…    


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